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1.Any time we have imperfect batches of goat’s milk soap we donate the soap to local homeless shelters.

2.  Each product by Blessed Bath Products has a bible verse on it to help spread the Word of God.

3.  Each item received from Blessed Bath Product has been blessed with holy anointed oil.

4.  We have 30 goats on the farm.  We breed & milk about 3 goats per year.

5.  We filter the goat’s milk and use it in most of our bath products.

6. We use fragrance oils which are not found in nature but are created to replicate or expand favorite scents.  We do use some fragrance oils because people love the scents.  All of our fragrance oils are paraben & pthalate free.

7. We also use 100% pure essential oils in all of our creams & some of our other products to achieve better benefits.

8. Our soap is made with triple milk, & triple butter.

9. We do extensive research on every ingredient that goes into our formulas.