Have you been thinking about new ways to conduct your fundraiser?

 A Guide to Successful Fundraising 


We invite you to earn big profits for your group with a no-risk project. 

  • We offer individual or group fundraising options.
  • There are no up-front or hidden costs.  The profits are guaranteed.  A whopping 35% profit on every sale goes directly to your treasury.  Your group can sell to their family, friends, and neighbors. 
  • We make it easy for you.  It’s a snap selling these high-quality soaps & lotions at below-market cost.  It’s easy to fill out the order form…and see the profits.  Plus, it’s fun! 
  • The service is guaranteed.  Your order will be shipped within two weeks from the time of receipt. 
  • The quality is guaranteed.  Every customer will receive their order of fragrant soaps & lotions. 
  • To get your fundraiser off to a fast start, simply give each of your members one of the sales brochures.  Be sure to point out that this is an opportunity for friends & neighbors to get all-natural goats milk soaps & lotions at a great price while helping their local community. 
  • A low minimum of $50 of Blessed Bath Products must be sold.
  •  Blessed Bath Products can help you with your annual fundraising.   

 The Blessed Bath Products Fundraising Program is easy,

and most importantly, Profitable!! 


Merelynn Rhoten, CEO, Goat Herder