Halelluja Holy Wood Set




The Halelluja Holy Wood Set by Blessed Bath Products is a palo santo roll-on perfume, a stick of palo santo, and an information card.
Holy Wood comes from mystical trees that grow in tropical forests of coastal Central and South America. It comes in the forms of wood, resin, or oil. It is part of the citrus family & related to Frankincense, Myrrh, & Copal. Scientific name is bursera graveolens, or “a bag of oil” & is used in many ways, such as:
burning sticks to cleanse air, warding off evil, repelling mosquitos, ants, termites, & flies, reducing pain (like headaches, arthritis, & sore throats), raising your vibration, easing stress, attracting positive energy & good fortune, bringing a deeper connection to God during prayer, & calming & clarifying the mind. Discovered by Spanish Monks. In Spanish, palo santo means “Holy Wood” or “Wood of The Saints”.
It has sweet notes of pine, mint, & lemon as well as healing properties similar to sage & cedar.
Male trees (1 in 8 ) live to 200 years old. Shamans teach that these trees have a distinct spirit that lives in the wood long after the tree’s life has ended.
Avoid burning the wood if you have lung or breathing problems.
Halelluja Holy Wood Roll On Perfume is a combination of avocado oil, & palo santo essential oil.


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